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Reading, reviewing, slamming, suggesting, lambasting, and all around just talking about manga.
This group is for people that want to chat about their current and past manga related reads!

This Community is mostly in response to how much flack a lot reading groups tend to give to people that read and count graphic novels, especially unlicensed scanlations, alongside novels and the like.


1. If your entry is long (consists of more then two 5 sentence paragraphs) use a LJ-cut.
2. No bashing other members or things they like. If you do you will have earned a warning. After three, I'll ban you.
3. No bad internet speak aka KYO-KUN IS HWOT! OMFG if u dun lk it ur such a b00b!!!KJDJDJ
4. Make friends and be an active member once you join!
... okaaaaay, maybe I can't make you follow this one but both would be nice, yes?

Now, there are a few kinds of posts you can make here:

A. A review entry consisting of a list of your most resent reads/reviews so we know what you though about them.
Please use the tag reads and you can view an example of this post type here

B. A recommendation posts plugging a favorite series, genre (with a few titles please), artist/ mangaka or DJ group. Please use the tag recs and you can view an example of this post type here LINK

C. A discussion posts. I will expand in this later but please use the tag dis. Ad there will eventually be some examples.... eventually

D. A current reads post, aka a list of at least 5 chapter and/ or volumes from different series where you're willing to have people ask you questions or just chat about related things. an example would be this LINK

Things you are NOT allowed to devote a whole post to but CAN include within a journal entry as long as you link to either your personal LJ or somewhere else.

A. Your manga collection. This is supposed to be a discussion community NOT a bragging blog. kthanksbye.

B. An Introductory post. We already supply a Welcome Mat Podt so your entry doesn't get lost. Plus they tend to take up a lot of space for people that might friends watch the group.

Posts that are Expressly FORBIDDEN!!!

A. Ones trying to sell stuff. This Community is NOT meant as a place to sell your used Mangas, DJ, or ANYTHING ELSE! if you post something of this nature I will treat it as spam, delete it, and ban you no if ands or buts.

B. Posts in which you plug your, a friends, or your freakin' CATS LJ community. Just e-mail me at the address listed at the bottom of this page because though I'd love to promote other peoples Communities...I just don't want then glogging the community page.

C. Things involving underage sex (under 13). Ew with some EW and a side of HECK NO on the side...

Some things to keep in mind when posting in this, and really ANY online, community

If you take the time an effort to read and comment on other people posts, as well as see if anyone has said anything on yours, people are a lot more likely to start conversations with you. Even if it's short and sweet like, 'Oh, I really like that manga, mangka, etc". Honest to whatever you hold dear, people just LOVE getting feedback and comments on their entries so if you just try your best to comment on even 1 or 2 posts that strike your fancy, you'll have a ton more fun~

ROCK THE TAGS with the mangakas, DJ circle, series, and genre names that realte to your post(s) so people can browse this community for that they're interested with ease. User friendly groups = Yay

Otherwise, please join, have fun, and if you have questions don't hesitate me a note at: sdblaine@hotmail.com